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Industries We Serve

ShaltuLabs services tailored AI solutions, full-stack, web, and SaaS solutions designed to meet the distinctive demands of various industries. The following is just a glimpse of the sectors we serve.



Transform learning experiences with tailored solutions that blend technology seamlessly into educational environments.



Elevate your online business with intuitive, user-centric platforms designed for optimal customer engagement and satisfaction.



Optimize restaurant operations with digital solutions, from streamlined ordering to enhancing customer interactions.



Empower financial processes with secure, efficient, and tailored solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the finance sector.



Modernize government operations through innovative, technology-driven solutions, enhancing efficiency and citizen services.



Fuel your tech endeavors with cutting-edge solutions, propelling innovation and efficiency in the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm.

Services We Offer

New Machine Learning

Custom AI Model Development

Need a customized solution built on AI? Whether you have the data ready or not, we can help develop your custom AI model using State-of-the-Art machine learning techniques and frameworks.


Idea Development

We gain an understanding of what your idea is and provide suggestions.



We collect, clean, and preprocess the data required for training the AI model.


Model Training

We select the best architecture and machine learning framework for the given task, then begin training the AI model.



Once trained, we score the models effectiveness for the assigned task.


API Deployment

The AI model is prepared for robustness and scalability and deployed through a securely managed API.

Launch Your SaaS Fast

Software-as-a-Service Development

Streamline your operations with our tailored SaaS solutions. We customize software to fit your unique business processes, maximizing efficiency and reducing complexity. The result is an empowered business environment where productivity soars, and your team can focus on what truly mattersā€”driving success.

Expand Digital Presence

Website Development

Transform your digital identity with our web development expertise. We blend cutting-edge design with functional excellence, creating online platforms that captivate and engage. Your digital presence is shaped to resonate with your audience, providing a user-centric experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Engineer Seamless Solutions

Full-Stack Development

We navigate the entire development spectrum, integrating front-end and back-end technologies seamlessly. Our approach is focused on precision, ensuring your specifications are not just met but exceeded. The result is a dynamic digital solution with scalability and performance at its core, shaping your digital presence for lasting impact.

Prior Work Spotlight


SaaS Website +Custom AI Models

OromoAI is a SaaS platform with custom developed AI services for the Oromo language. Afaan Oromo is a low-resource language with little data publicly available for training AI models.


Why Us?

ShaltuLabs boasts a profound comprehension of diverse industries. Our commitment to understanding your unique needs allows us to craft tailor-made solutions. Your challenges become opportunities for innovation, and our deep understanding ensures that every solution aligns seamlessly with your vision.